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Mexican beauty queen killed because of Obama/Holder “Fast & Furious” false flag

A Mexican beauty queen was slaughtered recently. The man responsible for her death was wielding an “automatic weapon” provided by the Obama administration. The Obama administration provided Mexican drug cartels with thousands of weapons under a program called “Fast & Furious.”

Mexican police say Maria Susana Flores Gamez was grabbed and used as a human shield during a shootout between Mexican cartel members and the Mexican army. The assailant who grabbed her was using a weapon provided by the Obama administration.

The Obama administration purposefully supplied Mexican drug cartels with thousands of guns. The Obama administration initially claimed that weapons were provided to the drug cartel as “research.” According to internal memos obtained by Congress, the operation was a false flag to blame on the 2nd amendment for violence in Mexico.

Two American law enforcement personnel have been murdered with these firearms. Dozens of Mexican law enforcement personnel have also been murdered.

The Mexican government now estimates that over 300 of it’s citizens have been murdered with guns that the Obama administration provided to drug cartels. Many of the victims are women and children.

The Obama administration violated America law, Mexican law, International law, and numerous treaties between the US and Mexico.

In many cases, private gun dealers were ordered by FBI agents to make large illegal sales to agents of the drug cartels. Local law enforcement and the border patrol was then ordered to stand down and allow the agents to take the illegal guns into Mexico. The Wall Street Journal also maintains that the Obama administration helped Mexican drug cartels obtain military grade hand grenades.