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New race war slasher film


In 2010 Hollywood gave us Machete. A race war slasher film, where illegal aliens kill members of the TEA Party. The movie was originally slated to be a direct to video and take place in Texas. After Arizona passed proposition 187, plans were changed. The budget for the movie was almost doubled and the script was changed to take place in Arizona. Online versions of the movie trailer started with the main character specifically stating that the movie was aimed at the state of Arizona.

The radical left loved the movie. The Southern Poverty Law Center [SPLC], which characterized Lord of the Rings as a racist and sexist movie, apparently thought Machete was great. The organization’s blog stated that critics of the movie were racist for not approving of the plot.

Quentin Tarantino was involved in the developing the plot of Machete. However, he was not involved in the actual production of the movie.

Tarantino is, however, the writer and director of Django Unchained. This movie is set to release the day after Christmas. This is a race war slasher film where a former black slave kills white people. Even Mother Jones magazine states that it is an “ethnic revenge flick.”

Much like Machete, online versions of the trailers are very racially charged but versions shown on network television are not. Many Americans will be tricked into seeing a movie that Tarantino openly admits is designed to vilify white people.

Tarantino states that negative depictions of white people in the movie are “educational.” Tarantino goes on to say that white people did “a lot worse sh-t actually.”