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SPLC employing infamous Jena 6 thug

Theodore Shaw, middle, was just hired by the SPLC

The SPLC just announced, with great glee, that one of the “Jena 6” hate crime perps is employed by them as a “community advocate.”

The so-called Jena 6 were six black teens who brutally beat a white classmate out of racial hatred. The perps were initially charged with attempted murder. The charges were then reduced to aggravated second-degree battery and conspiracy.

Justin Barker was the victim of a brutal racially motivated attack. The SPLC is romanticizing the perpetrators and rubbing salt into the wounds.

The extreme left-wing held protests to support the thugs. The SPLC provided free legal services for the thugs. Due to intense pressure from the left-wing and black power groups, the thugs were slapped on the wrist with a plea deal for simple assault. Theodore Shaw had already spent seven months in the county jail and was given time served.

There was also an undisclosed civil settlement with the victim.

The “Jena-6” protests turned into a huge fundraising bonanza for black power groups. One of the Jena 6 perps even posted pictures of himself online with $100 bills sticking out of his month to brag about his good fortune.

The SPLC claims to fight hatred and racial violence. Yet the group is openly romanticizes the perpetrators of this brutal racially motivated mob attack against Justin Barker. Hiring Theodore Shaw is clearing rubbing salt into the wounds.

Once again the SPLC shows a total lack of any moral compass.

The SPLC has a history of insulting white hate crime victims. The group recently called the nationwide trend of black on white mob attacks a “coincidence factor” and said there was no evidence that the attacks were motivated by racial hatred. The group has also downplayed the brutal racially motivated torture/murders of white people in South Africa. They even approved a comment on their website gloating that South African whites deserved to be victims.