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$100k taxdollars to create lamest superhero ever!

Barack Obama gave $100,000 tax dollars to Spelman College, a college for black women, to create a video. The game features a black female superhero who fights global warming. Global warming is a hoax that the radical left uses as a justification for bigger government.

From Daily Caller…

But some say the game is waste of taxpayer’s money.

“Although it is the smorgasbord of politically correct elements that makes this project entertaining to write about, the bottom line is that the government has taken $100,000 from the taxpayers and given it to someone to develop a video game,” wrote Jeryl Bier of Speak With Authority, a conservative blog.

Pennsylvania Republican Rep. Joe Pitts was among the first criticize the game when the NEA first announced it last April. At a time when the federal government is facing huge deficits, spending tax dollars on state-sponsored art is inexcusable, he said.

“Once again, the deficit will total more than $1 trillion this year,” he wrote in a statement. “For every dollar in spending, we borrow around 40 cents, much of it from foreign nations. That means that China is paying for a piece of that NEA video game.”