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Australia enriched by racial diversity

Police mobilized to stop a racial battle between Australian Aborigines and immigrants from the South Pacific.

From Australian Broadcast Corporation…

A feud between Aboriginal and Pacific Islander families has flared again at Woodridge, south of Brisbane.

The riot squad was brought in to separate the sides when a clash broke out around 5:00pm (AEST) on Monday.

They say no arrests have been made.

Racial tensions flared at the weekend when a fight broke out between the rival families on Douglas Street and two men were arrested.

Residents say tensions have been simmering since local man Richard Saunders was murdered in 2008.

They intensified last month after the death of teenager Jackson Doolan, who was hit by a train after getting into an argument with a group of other males on the platform.

Police are speaking with community leaders in a bid to calm the situation and say patrols in the area will be stepped up.