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Florida teachers empowered with free gun training

From UK Mail Online…

A group of teachers in Sarasota, Florida, put their markers and lesson plans aside on Friday to learn how to take down an armed gunman in hopes of preventing another tragic school shooting.

Under the tutelage of weapons instructor Michael Magowan, local public school teachers practiced drills on disarming an attacker holding a rubber gun to their head during a free class at the Veritas Training Academy.

During the class, teachers set behind desks, clutching fake handguns and intently watched Magowan as he demonstrated how to properly handle a firearm.

Switching from theory to practice, the educators later took part in shooting exercises at a firing range on the premises of the learning center, firing at a target depicting a burly, moustachioed assailant holding a little boy hostage.

This is only the latest example of what has become a national trend of educators flocking to gun ranges and weapons training classes to learn how to defend their students in the aftermath of the Newtown, Connecticut, school massacre that has left 20 elementary school children and six adults dead.