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German POW camp photos dispel myths

Newly released photos of Polish POWs in Bavaria just does not fit Hollywood’s demonizing of the German people. Inmates had an orchestra, put on plays, puppet shows, and appear to be thriving. The camp 5,000 Polish soldiers. This including high ranking officers, as well as junior officers and enlisted men. By contrast, Polish officers were being rounded up by the Soviet Union, mass murdered, and dumped into pits in the Katyn forest. The mass murder was confirmed by an international team from seven neutral countries while the area was under Axis control.

Der Spiegel is a self-deprecating left-wing German publication. So they attempt to qualify the photos by suggesting the camp was an anomaly.  They suggest the camp was “a model” because the Red Cross was allowed to inspect it. This is misleading because all of the German camps holding POWs from countries who signed the 1929 Geneva Convention were open to the Red Cross. The German government prided itself on abiding by the 1929 Geneva Convention for the treatment of POWs.

American POWs held by Germans during WWII had the highest survival rate of any American POWs held by any country during any war in US history. Even counting the large number of American POW’s killed by allied bombs in Dresden, the survival rate was still higher.

While Hollywood vilifies all white people in general, Germans seem to be singled out worst of all.

See the stunning pictures in Der Spiegel

Theater group and orchestra made up of Polish officers. Photo from Der Spiegel.

Polish POWs after their liberation by American forces in 1945. Inmates still appear to be in great shape. Photo from Der Spiegel.