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Left-wing/Marxist gang members sentenced to hard time

Members are the ARA, a violent Marxist gang were sentenced today for a mob attack in Tinley Park restaurant near Chicago.

Due to overwhelming evidence, the thugs all pleaded guilty. Their sentences ranged for three and a half to six years.

The radical left-wing Southern Poverty Law Center [SPLC] has repeatedly promoted an umbrella website for the violent gang on their own website.

The SPLC has also falsely claimed that some of the victims of the Tinley Park attack were CofCC members. The SPLC invented this claim out of thin air. The SPLC has a terrible track record with accuracy and often invents details to create a story.

Ten people were attacked. They included the restaurant manager, a retired police officer, an elderly women, and about six people who were attending a meeting for the Illinois Heritage Association.

Police are still looking for thirteen more suspects. Another person, Steven Speers, was arrested at the scene and extradited out-of-state to face child pornography charges. Police reports show that the man had two tattoos with symbols used by the ARA gang. The man’s facebook page was located and confirmed the gang tattoos. Victims of the attack believe Speers was attacking as a spotter for the masked attackers.