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Our Sacred Cow History

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Are you guilty of sacred cow syndrome? The term sacred cow has passed into the English language to mean an object or practice or even a person which is regarded as being so sacred or privileged as to be above opposition and considered to be immune from criticism, especially unreasonably so. “Our Sacred Cow History” has the courage to take on the tough racial issues of the day in a way that is frank, honest and straight-forward. Misconceptions about historical, social, theological, biblical and especially racial issues are discussed. Starting from the founding of Jamestown and Massachusetts Bay, the reader is taken through the Revolutionary and Civil wars, the Civil Rights movement, de-segregation and into the present day and shown how sacred cow beliefs have shaped our racial consciousness. “Our Sacred Cow History” delves into the Christian history of our founders and how Christianity has failed to uphold biblical truths. Anti-White propaganda and misinformation pouring into schools and churches has caused a dramatic shift in the minds of Whites. The implications for the White race are clear: Genocide. Both Christians and non-Christians will discover valuable information within the pages of this provocative book.