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Radical Australian left says flag is “racist”

The radical left in Australia say it is time to drop their “racist” flag.

One radical left-wing college professor is calling for the flag to be replaced with this monstrosity.

From UK Daily Mail…

A new flag has been designed in Australia in a bid to ‘move on’ from the country’s colonial past.

Military historian Dr John Blaxland, of the Australian National University, came up with the idea because he says the current one does not embrace all aspects of Australian culture.

Rather than just a straightforward nod to the country’s British heritage, he says he wanted a flag that acknowledge Australia’s Aboriginal communities as well as its growing multiculturalism.

‘People can identify with various parts of it and see that Australia is actually a multicultural place with a rich history that reaches back for generations,’ he told the Daily Telegraph.

Australian Aborigines burn their flag. Photo from UK Daily Mail.