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SPLC says the 2nd amendment was for “slave control”

The radical extreme far-left Southern Poverty Law Center [SPLC] unleashed one of it’s most crazed diatribes of all time.

The SPLC states that James Madison wanted the 2nd Amendment for “slave control.” SPLC cites a paper by left-wing Law Professor Carl Bogus as proof that James Madison only wanted the 2nd Amendment for slave control. The claim is only the opinion of Professor Bogus, not a fact. In fact, the abstract for the paper specifically states that it is only Professor Bogus’ opinion! Professor Bogus writes that the purpose of the paper is to counter the NRA!

The SPLC states that since 1977 the NRA has been controlled by “extremists.”

The diatribe contains wildly false and incendiary anti-white claims. It compares 2nd amendment activists to the KKK. The diatribe concludes with outrageous, unsubstantiated claims about the proliferation of “hate groups.” (In fact, some of the chief “Neo-Nazis” pumped up by the SPLC over the years turned out to be minor government sting operations.) In other words, donate money to the SPLC so they can fight threats that do not even exist!

The SPLC has been ridiculed as a fundraising hustle with no substance, even by left-wing media outlets! This includes the Colbert Report, the Huffington Post, the Daily Kos, the Montgomery Advertiser, The Fairfax Journal, Harper’s Magazine, and many more! The SPLC was started by Morris Dees, a former chief fundraising for Ted Kennedy.

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In the past the SPLC has also claimed that Lord of the Rings and southern cooking is offensive!

Below: Liberal comedian Stephen Colbert mocks the fundraising tactics of the SPLC.