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SURPRISE! Media lying, TSA will use even more powerful X-ray machines

AS&E Smartcheck HT. Does this look like a full body x-ray machine to you?

The media is running fake news stories claiming that the TSA is backing down and discontinuing notorious full body x-ray machines. This is false. Once again the media is lying to the public. The TSA is just phasing out their current x-ray machines for even more powerful ones!

The government ordered $215 million worth of new full body x-ray machines last October.

According to the manufacturer, these new machines are even more powerful than the current TSA x-ray machines. They use multiple technologies to detect threats. This includes AS&E patented Z Backscatter™ technology, radioactive threat detection (RTD), high energy transmission and dual energy transmission X-ray.

The EU has already banned full body x-ray machines due to health risks and the high rate of failure. The machines are easy to defeat.

Professor of Biochemistry says that TSA x-ray machines are dangerous to the public.