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The Plight of the White Man

Much today is unspoken
Of the White Man and his flight
From places he alone once tamed
And brought into the light.

But plenty is spoken now
Of a vision widely known
Of cruelty, hate, and genocide
Reserved for White alone.

The rationale is plain and simple
Those with evil hearts will say
White is the oppressor color
Who still yet rules the day.

By declaring the White Man thus
The eternal evil one,
Atrocities easily excused
His humanity undone.

Escape seems not possible
From hatred so arrayed
Dissed, dismissed, denounced, disposed
Where is the White to stay?

In his lands and neighborhoods
Built with ancestral hands
Darkness comes on millions’ feet
All across the land

In his house no peace resides
As the jungle calls his young
MTV, rap rhymes, sexting, Web porn
Evils abound full flung.

At work where skill should rule,
For him it never reigns
Handouts go to other’s kin
His whiteness but a stain.

In government where law should rule
White finds comfort’s not the way,
Those who hate him have full sway
Seeking his final fall to his dismay.

In church, for sure, the house of God
Peace should come at last
To find the comfort of the Lord
Whose love’s beyond skin cast.

Yet at church, it brings least peace
As White is often told
It’s in his whiteness the sin lies
He must embrace the fold.

Is this embrace like brothers
in God’s spiritual family tree?
“No”, he’s told, “It’s not enough.”
To be Christ’s he must interbreed.

There is no peace when clad in White
No place to call his own
The U.S., Europe–all but gone
So darkly overgrown.

The Black gets to be a black
The Brown is just as free
But no matter what the setting is
The White may not white be.

The Lord made Earth a tapestry
Each kind unto its own
He brings the races to Him at last
To stand before the throne.

You see it’s not that we deny
Our brother’s humanity
But if they can revel in their kind
Why can’t we be as free?

Copyright 2013 by Sidney Secular