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The Rubio Amnesty Farce

Is Marco Rubio offering a fake opposition to Barack Obama’s amnesty plans? The left is gleeful over the fact that Republicans are offering no real opposition to Amnesty.

Rubio calls for more legal immigration, mass amnesty, and the usual fake lip service for increased border security. The vast majority of the new citizens would be Democrat voters.


“It’s really hard to get people to listen to you on economic growth, on tax rates, on health care if they think you want to deport their grandmother,” Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., told National Journal’s Major Garrett just weeks after more than 70 percent of Latino voters helped re-elect President Obama. “I mean, it’s very difficult to get people to listen to anything else you are saying.”

Rubio is right: Republicans are never going to win a competitive portion of the Latino, or Asian, vote as long as their stated policy on immigration is that sizable portions of those populations must be deported (or, in Mitt Romney’s words, that they must “self-deport”).

And Rubio should be commended for taking the lead and articulating a plan to deal with not just the 11 million illegal immigrants in the United States today, but also to modernize our nation’s entire immigration system.

Unfortunately, the few specifics Rubio has named are almost identical to the failed amnesty plans of Presidents Bush and Obama. Don’t take my word for it — just ask Miami Herald political reporter Marc Caputo, or pro-amnesty Mother Jones reporter Adam Serwer, or anti-amnesty Center for Immigration Studies chief Mark Krikorian. All of them have compared the Obama and Rubio immigration plans, and all of them have concluded the two plans are almost identical.

Both Obama and Rubio support a guest worker program, more workplace enforcement through the federal government’s E-Verify program, higher levels of legal immigration, immediate citizenship for those illegal immigrants who entered the United States as minors and amnesty for the 11 million illegal immigrants who are in the United States today.