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Think the US government can protect you from criminals?

If guns are banned, law-abiding citizens will have to rely on the US government to protect them from millions of heavily armed thugs. Many of these thugs are undocumented illegal aliens. We would have to rely on the same government that couldn’t even stop 911 despite dozens of major warnings, and admitting that the CIA was already shadowing some of the hijacker.

How did the Fox Broadcast Corporation know that 911 was coming a year before the attack, but the US government says it didn’t. The CIA admits to shadowing at least two of the hijackers and allowing them to enter the US despite knowing that they planned an attack. Another hijacker was arrested as a suspected terrorist at a Minnesota flight school, but released by the Federal government. More of the hijackers were being shadowed by Israeli citizens, who were quietly deported after 911 without any public explanation.

Fox Broadcast Corporation pilot episode of the Lone Gunmen, a spin-off of the X-Files. This episode aired nationwide in March of 2001. Work on the episode began about one year earlier. To watch the entire episode click here.

An illustrator for Vice magazine drew this picture in 1994.