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Two new wars. One for Al Qaeda and one against.

In Syria the Obama administration is providing massive amounts of money to Sunni Jihadists. The main group was started by “Al Qaeda in Iraq” which battled US troops in Iraq. Over half of the Sunni militant groups have pledged loyalty to the leaders of Al Qaeda in Iraq. Many of the groups involved are styled after Al Qaeda.

Meanwhile Obama is sending Americans to fight a war against “Al Qaeda” in Mali. Two US special forces operatives have already died in Mali. France, which has a larger military presence in Mali, has suffered several casualties. The men we are fighting are the same people the United States provided military support to in neighboring Libya. The US military was ordered to stand down while Sunni Jihadists looted arsenals of powerful weapons.

Now Obama is sending troops to disarm the same people that Obama helped armed last year.

Let’s look at the score card:

In 1988 Al Qaeda is founded and armed by the CIA and Pakistani Intelligence as a proxy to fight the Soviet Union

Later Al Qaeda is a US ally in Kosovo against the Christian Serbs.

After 9/11 Al Qaeda is our enemy in Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, and Somalia.

Then Al Qaeda become our ally in Libya and Syria.

Now the same Al Qaeda we armed in Libya is our enemy in Mali.