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Well connected Jewish couple accused of bomb plot described as “Neo-Nazis” by far-left media

New media hoax! Left-wing media turns liberal Jewish alleged bomb makers into “Neo-Nazis.”

Aaron Greene, a Harvard graduate, and his girlfriend Morgan Gliedman have been arrested for an alleged bomb plot. The couple have been described as a “well to do Manhattan couple.” Gliedman is the daughter of the director of radiation oncology at Beth Israel Hospital’s Brooklyn division. Greene’s father is a well known art restoration expert in NYC.

The left-wing news website Daily Beast/Newsweek described them as “rich kid radicals.” That media outlet suggested the couple were hoping to emulate the Weatherman terrorists. The political career of Barack Obama was launched in the living room of former Weatherman terrorist Bill Ayers.

Now several left-wing media outlets are claiming the Jewish couple are “Neo-Nazis. This is why no one believes the “mainstream media” any more. This is the same thing the media said about the Columbine Killers even though one of the killers was Jewish and both advertised extreme far-left political beliefs. One of the Columbine killers even had writings where he called himself an “anti-racist” and said he wanted to murder “racist” people.

The notorious left-wing Village Voice is running a story claiming that Greene is a “Nazi-loving Harvard graduate.” The paper offers no evidence.
The radical left-wing Huffinton Post is calling the couple “Neo-Nazis” based on an alleged anonymous source.