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Arizona could end Obama’s cafeteria tyranny

Obama’s National School Lunch plan is expected to drive the nationwide cost of school lunches from $11 Billion to $14 Billion, bankrupting many districts. Schools also face heavy fines. One school in Utah was just fined $15k by the Obama administration for selling soda outside of the approved hours. School face complex rules that seem to be designed to benefit certain companies and industries, rather than the students. Under Obama’s orders schools are now barring parents from packing lunches for their children.

However, a bill in the Arizona Senate is gaining steam that could bring an end to the cafeteria tyranny in that state. Obama uses the Federal Free Lunch subsidy to force schools to abide by his corporatism based “reforms.” The Senate bill would allow school districts to opt out all together. Districts would have to provide free or reduced price lunches on their own, but would have complete local control over their cafeterias.

There are many schools districts that could opt out, saving both local and Federal dollars, and provide a superior lunch.

The Arizona Senate Education committee voted 6-1 to approve SB 1060 allowing school districts to opt out. Only Sen. David Schapira, the Senate Minority Leader and a hard-core leftists, voted against the bill.

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