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CNN in damage control after defending Christopher Dorner

CNN had a panel of four guests to talk about Chrisopher Dorner, and three of them actually defend the serial murderer.

Marc Lamont Hill is host of HuffPost Live, a contributor to Fox News, a former contributor to CNN and MSNBC, and an associate professor at Columbia University. He heaped praise on Christopher Dorner on CNN. Hill called him a “super hero” and a “real life Django.”

Then a second white male and a black female also defend Christopher Dorner. They claim that white racism drove him to commit the numerous murders.

Now watch as CNN runs a completely fake segment claiming that “conservative radio talk show host” Alex Jones turned Dorner into a hero. A black female pundit states that “it is not just an African American Django narrative.” CNN has gone from airing praise of Dorner, to falsely accusing other people of defended Dorner. If anyone was trying to transform Dorner into a hero for black militants, it was clearly CNN.

Is it any wonder why CNN is rapidly losing it’s audience. Last spring CNN discontinued it’s entire investigative journalism staff and fired around sixty people. It is in the process of a new round of firings. Recent guests on the Piers Morgan show claim the inside of the studio is in complete disrepair, the bathrooms are filthy, and producers have to stand on the sidewalk and beg pedestrians to be past of Piers Morgan’s studio audience.