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CofCC website staff recommends using is known for forcing the left-wing “mainstream” media to cover stories that they don’t want to cover. However, it is becoming easier for everyday internet users to push stories into the “mainstream.” The internet social media website twitter has grown so large that trending topics are now starting to drive the “mainstream” media. Even if it is a subject matter the media would rather ignore.

Twitter is now surpassing Facebook in the amount of traffic it is driving to the CofCC website. The CofCC website staff believes that the opportunities to promote the conservative cause on Twitter should not be overlooked.

While Facebook is still bigger than Twitter, we believe Twitter is better for promoting conservative causes. Unlike Facebook, twitter is now actually driving the print and television media. Unlike Facebook, twitter does not censor. Facebook has an army of censors, making less than $1.50 an hour in 3rd world countries, who purge the site of right-wing viewpoints. Facebook outright bans any kind of right-wing discussion group.

In many parts of the world, Twitter is now driving major political movements.

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Example of a “tweet.”