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German Federal government wants to ban opposition party

The Federal government in German admits to running false flag “Neo-Nazi” groups. Then it points to its own groups as a reason to use totalitarian police state tactics against the German citizens.

Germany’s Federal government is backing a plan ban a lawful political party that holds seats in two state parliaments. The government accuses the party of being “racist.” The party is called the National Democratic Party [NPD].

Read article in Europe Online.

The move would be extreme and anti-democratic. The Federal government says the ban is needed to fight the rise of “Neo-Nazis.” However, there have been numerous revelations that the “Neo-Nazi” groups in Germany are primarily run by paid government actors.

The Associated Press reported today that the German government paid one man $240,000 over an eighteen year period to run Neo-Nazi groups.

Last fall, the German media was hyping a “German Ku Klux Klan.” Recently Der Spiegel revealed that the leader of the group was being paid by the German government. Der Spiegel also reported that other leading “Neo-Nazis” have been paid by the government.

In fact, the government tried to ban the NDP once before. The government hired actors to go to NDP events and make statements that are illegal under German law. The case was thrown out of court when it was discovered that the Government was trying to ban the NDP for things that were done by paid government actors.