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Huffington Post/Village Voice writer praises LA serial killer

Exclusive investigative report by Kyle Rogers

The radical left is lining up to cheer for Christopher Dorner

The Huffington Post published a quote attributed to a Ruth Iorio:

“This is an intelligent man who has stared into the dark heart of corruption. Now he’s taking vengeance upon it, trying to turn the LAPD into the victims they have persecuted, including Kendrec McDade, Alisia Thomas and Kelly Thomas.”

Huffinton Post identifies Ruth Iorio as “a 33 year old screenwriter in LA.” There is a Ruth Iorio who is a 33 year old screenwriter in LA. However, she usually goes by her maiden name of Ruth Fowler, and is a writer for the Huffington Post herself!

Ruth Fowler-Iorio is a writer for the notorious left-wing Village Voice, the Huffington Post, the New York Post and other publications. Her credits as a screenwriter are not long. Only one fifteen minute short. She also wrote a book called girl undressed. She is also a former stripper.

The quote was posting on Huffinton Post in a column by Kathleen Miles. It is unclear if Miles was trying to hide that fact that she was quoting a fellow Huffington Post author, or if she simply didn’t know. Miles presents the quote in a completely neutral fashion. Miles neither praises nor condemns the killer herself.

A search on Huffinton Posts pulls up numerous columns by Ruth Fowler. Many are left-wing diatribes. She even has one attacking the LAPD.