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Manning the Barricades by Ward Kendall

Manning the Barricades by Ward Kendall
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A few years ago, I wrote a novel called Hold Back This Day, a grim tale about the last white people on Earth and their valiant struggle for survival in a world of nineteen billion racially-intermixed human beings. It was far from an ordinary work of fiction, something to be read at bedtime, mused over, and then put away and quickly forgotten. And though the book was ostensibly science-fiction, in actuality it was closer to a crime story –  a crime story about the murder of the white race.

Unfortunately, the crime portrayed between the pages of Hold Back This Day is becoming less and less fictional with each passing year, as the once-bright future of America is slowly murdered by multiculturalism, miscegenation, Third World immigration, falling white birth rates, culture-wrecking globalism, and, behind it all, the treacherous betrayal of our own nation’s leaders. Never has the betrayal of our own leaders – both Democrat and Republican – been more crystal clear than when the Washington Times reported on January 22, 2004:

“Immigration policies, however, are for the most part the preserve of Washington elites who have little to fear from public opinion. There is no significant constituency, it seems, for curbs on immigration. The alliance between left and right on the amnesty issue is not a mystery. Both sides profit. Republicans want cheap and compliant labor for low-level manufacturing jobs, and especially farm labor. Not only will Mexican laborers work cheaply, their presence keeps wages low for Americans who are seeking entry-level jobs. Cheap labor also delays the expense of modernizing factories and farms. The Democrats, on the other hand, want future voters. Whereas the Republicans seek to exploit the labor of Mexican immigrants, the Democrats seek to exploit them politically. The Democrats have always been far ahead of the short-sighted and largely apolitical Republicans.”

Despite these sobering admissions, the vast majority of white Americans go about their daily lives in almost total ignorance of the earth-shaking demographic changes underway all across America. Tell the average white American that his children will be a racial minority in their own country by the time they’re middle-aged, and he’s not likely to believe you. Even for those who do, they’ll invariably say ‘oh well, that’s a good thing’, while remaining cheerfully oblivious to the harsh fact that being a minority has never been described as ‘a good thing’ by those who actually are – such as today’s blacks and mestizos.

In truth, being a minority is not a good thing at all, especially when you’re a racial minority. Just ask the minority whites of South Africa, who are finding that out the hard way. On a daily basis, they are robbed, raped, and murdered by the majority non-whites, who do so almost with impunity, especially since they now control South Africa’s police, military, and seats of government, just as America’s burgeoning non-white hordes are quickly destined to control ours – unless we stop them.

But can we stop them?

There is no easy answer. Furthermore, if we as Euro-Americans are honest, we are clearly losing complete control of North America, from the vast plains of Canada all the way down to the palm-fringed shores of Florida. This great land of beauty, of abundance, of unbounded promise – won by our forefathers through blood and toil in the greatest single feat of exploration and civilizational building the world has ever witnessed, has, in but a few short, savage decades of all-out cultural Marxist warfare, been brought to its knees.

Even as I write, America’s first ever non-white president is finalizing the last details of yet another massive amnesty for the seething millions of brown-skinned invaders who knowingly and deliberately broke our national laws to come here. Instead of being rounded up and deported, as I’m certain every Council of Conservative Citizen member would demand, our half-negro president has instead worked feverishly to reward them – and by extension – to reward the ever-increasing voting power of the Democratic party. Not to be left out of the spoils, the plutocratic-industrialist elite of the Republicans, now reduced to simpering second-class status in the political pecking order, are making good on their insatiable hunger for cheap labor by going along.

This outrageous betrayal has now thrown wide the last gates of this country to total, all-out invasion by a Third World nation. Jammed tight against America’s two thousand mile long south-western border, the impoverished land of Mexico has never known peace or prosperity. Even so, our politicians have slyly turned their backs as some thirty million poverty-ravaged mestizos have been disgorged northward into our towns and cities – spewing crime, urban decay, and cultural disintegration.

As patriots, we must ever keep in mind that native-born Euro-Americans were never asked if they wanted any part of this plot, from the social-engineering intended to “universalize” our founding European forebears into a raceless, tan everyman – all the way to the indoctrination, acculturation, and implementation of a Negro-centric weltanschauung upon our once dominant Eurocentric civilization.

Did we just stand by and let it happen?

Some of us did – perhaps even many – while others fought tooth and nail to stop what was happening. The reasons why the cultural Marxists now have the upper hand are many and complex, but not why I write today. Instead, I want everyone reading this to imagine something I’ve been imagining for years: waking up in the morning without the dread feeling that the last sands of hope have already trickled through our fingers.

To re-embolden our fighting spirit, we need something more than just a collection of white nationalist blogs to visit every morning, merely to read the latest movie review by this pro-white PhD or that. Or simply to absorb another dose of moral outrage perusing the latest racially-motivated attack against whites while idling away a lazy Saturday afternoon. Or just being satisfied to amuse ourselves while wandering some pro-white forum in the evening, trading banter with our online chums even as we delude ourselves into believing we’re actually accomplishing something.

For the record, I am guilty of all of the above. Many of us are. Even so, I know there is great untapped energy out there, of eager people and eager minds ready to lend their efforts to the national struggle we face. As it presently stands, however, too many of us live too far from the seminars and conferences of the Council of Conservative Citizens and the American Renaissance – and the valuable face-to-face guidance they offer – leaving most of us feeling alone and adrift from others of our kind.

In my view, this paucity of on-the-street activism is key to why we are losing ground. Surely, it takes no great leap of insight to understand that any effective national opposition to cultural Marxism must begin by establishing a visible real-world presence of pro-white installations in every major city of the United States, along with many secondary cities and towns. We need such physical locations, to serve as inspirational beacons to Euro-Americans from every walk of life, where we can gather – as others now gather in Masonic lodges, meeting  halls, and churches – to organize, plan, and carry out effective media campaigns, street rallies, recruitment drives, and more. We must also reach out to America’s white youth as never before, and win their allegiance.

The time has come – in fact, it is imperative – that a group of interested white patriots convene for the purpose of laying the foundation for a nationwide network of white advocacy meeting halls. As I see it, such a network must be operated on a regular basis by volunteer staff, led by dedicated leadership, or we can never hope to carry the fight to the next level. Without a doubt, we have the talent and I am convinced there will be no shortage of enthusiastic volunteers, provided we can demonstrate a razor-sharp level of professionalism in everything that we say and do.

The name I suggest for this project is HEARTLAND – which stands for Helping Euro-Americans Reclaim Their Land And National Destiny – an acronym which I believe says it all. To have national appeal, it must be a project free of any Civil War or World War II references and instead concentrate only on waging an intelligent and aggressive campaign on behalf of insuring a Euro-ethnic United States.

In summation, the two-term election of a non-white president, followed swiftly by the legalization of millions of non-white invaders has told us one thing above all – our time is almost up.  We either accept our impending defeat and the takeover of our country, or we stand up, start forming the barricades and get to work.

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