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Media hypocrisy on full display over SPLC “hate map”

The SPLC publishes an incendiary “hate map” that vilifies mainstream conservatives and insinuates that they are dangerous people. The SPLC mixes the names of mainline conservatives and groups with the KKK and Neo-Nazis. This is so the public will mentally associate these conservative targets with the KKK and Neo-Nazis. SPLC spokesman Mark Potok has defended this practice on national television. The DC Terrorist chose the mainline Family Research Council as his target because of the SPLC’s caustic rhetoric.

However, when radical left-wing spree killer Jared Loughner shot Gabrial Gifford, the media blamed Sarah Palin. They claimed Palin had caused the shooting because she placed Gifford on a map. Now the media is dead silent. Only the Sacramento Bee published an article from Reuters about the incendiary “hate map.”

CNN, which has aggressively promoted the SPLC before and after the terrorist attack, mentions the SPLC connection in paragraph 19 in their article about the plea bargain. CNN wanted to make sure that few people would actually read it.

Not only does the “hate map” include mainline conservatives, but the SPLC even lists businesses that advertise in right-wing publications as “hate groups.” The next victim of an SPLC inspired terrorist could be the employee of someone who simply advertises in a publication that the ultra-leftist SPLC doesn’t like.

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Much of the “White Supremacist / Neo-Nazi” threats pumped up by the SPLC over the past several years turned out to be law enforcement (mostly FBI) sting operations. The SPLC has claimed that these people, who had no following and were being paid by law enforcement, were major threats to the public. When it comes out in the mainstream media that said person is a paid actor for law enforcement research/provocation, the SPLC just moves on to the next fake target.

In early 2012, the SPLC claimed that KKK and Neo-Nazi groups were surging in the US. Then in the very next issue, they listed what they claimed were the top thirty individuals who posed a threat. They failed to identify a single KKK or Neo-Nazi leader of any significance whatsoever. They listed no KKK leaders at all. They listed two people they claimed were Neo-Nazi “leaders.” However, they admitted that neither were actively leading anything. The SPLC even admitted that one does not even currently live in the USA! Wikipedia says the group, the the SPLC claims he is leading, is actually defunct! Instead they listed people like Michael Savage and Joseph Farrah. The entire issue was a giant admission that the previous issue was a hoax.

Some of the people being vilified by the SPLC

White people in general
People who like German mythology
Traditional Catholics
Pentecost Tent Revivals
All Christians who believe in traditional marriage
People who don’t trust the government
Supporters of Ron Paul

Movies demonized by the SPLC

Passion of the Christ
Lord of the Rings Trilogy

Movies defended by the SPLC


The SPLC claims that the hundreds of recent black on white mob attacks are not racially motivated or constitute “hate crimes.” They says the racial nature of the attacks are just a “coincidence factor.” The SPLC has mocked the white victims of mass murder in South Africa. They say that the white men, women, and children who are tortured to death because they are white, do not constitute “hate crime” victims. The SPLC poked fun at the racially motivated murder of a white man in Mississippi. The SPLC had profiled the man in the past.