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Pop Star: I had no choice in Satanic song/video

Kesha is a major pop star who is currently signed to Sony’s LA based Kemosabe Records. The albums are also distributed by RCA.

Recently the singer came out with a song called “Die Young.” It urges young women to live a hedonistic lifestyle and die at an early age. What is even more disturbing is the video flashes upside down crosses, the pink upside down triangles (lesbian symbol),  and pentagrams over and over.

Now Kesha is disavowing the song and says her handlers in LA forced her to sing it. Kesha told fans on twitter,  “I did NOT want to sing those lyrics and I was FORCED TO.”

At recently live performances, the stage has been decorated with dozens of pentagrams. The pentagram is commonly associated with witchcraft, and the homosexual dominated “wicca” movement. The singer is depicted as a witch in some scenes, a fallen angel in some, and engages in romantic embraces with both men and women.

The video was produced by Lucasz Gottwald (Dr. Luke) and Benjamin Levin (Benny Blanco). The song was written by Nate Reuss

Most young pop stars have their songs, music, clothing, and dance moves picked out for them and have little say in the artistic direction. Kemosabe Records is run by Łukasz Gottwald.

Pentagrams are features prominently in the video as well as depictions of the singer as a witch.

The video features semi-subliminal upside down crosses that flash on the screen throughout the video.