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Race card gets black man 3 months for beating white man to death

Hawkins smirking in his mug shot after killing his victim. He played the race card in court and was slapped on the wrist with a minor felony conviction and three months in jail.

Gerard Hawkins was slapped on the wrist with a comical three month sentence for killing a 46 year old white man in a Casino. Hawkins claimed the victim was a racist and provoked the attack.

Security video shows that the white victim had both hands in his pocket when Hawkins hit him with a lethal blow.


A former high school football coach and teacher from Florida was sentenced to three months in jail and ordered to pay a $5,000 fine Thursday after being convicted of involuntary manslaughter in the one-punch death of a Utah man at a Las Vegas casino.

Defense attorney Jack Buchanan said he didn’t believe a punitive stint in the Clark County Detention Center was appropriate for his client, 39-year-old Benjamin Gerard Hawkins of Gainesville. Hawkins has remained free following his November conviction in the death of 46-year-old John Massie, of Roy, an occupational safety and health worker at Hill Air Force Base in Utah.

Clark County District Court Judge Valerie Adair also ordered Hawkins to serve five years of probation, undergo impulse-control and anger management counseling, and abstain from alcohol.

“We’re just as disappointed in this as we were the verdict,” said Buchanan, who had sought only probation for his client.

“He has no family members here, so he’ll be here to serve that punishment and then head back. So obviously it’s very difficult,” he later added.

Hawkins didn’t mean to kill Massie, and the felony conviction ruined his coaching and teaching career at Bradford County High School in Starke, Fla., Buchanan said.

Prosecutor Maria Lavell had sought a sentence of one to four years in prison.

The judge initially sentenced Hawkins to between one and two years in the Nevada Department of Corrections but immediately suspended the sentence in favor probation.