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Media prepares for new Trayvon Martin frenzy

Trayvon Martin, a hulking football star, is usually depicted as a small 13 year old in the media.

Trayvon Martin Reboot: Expect the “Mainstream” media to re-launch the old, proven lies all over again.

George Zimmerman’s next court date is tomorrow, February 5th. The politically motivated “murder” trial is scheduled to start in June. It is expected to cost the state of Florida millions of dollars. The defense has already spent $300,000, most of which came from donations.

Prepare to see pictures of Trayvon Martin as a 13 year old and all the proven lies propagated all over again. The CofCC website staff believes the media is preparing to launch an all new frenzy of anti-white hatred, usually the same old hoaxes we heard last year.

Zimmerman was arrested and charged with a crime to prevent black radicals from rioting and disrupting tourism in Florida.

Let’s refresh our memories on who Trayvon Martin really was and what really happened.

Here is the article that changed the course of history on the Trayvon Martin hoax. CofCC member Kyle Rogers wrote this for It went on to become the most read article in the history of the politics section, received over 550,000 views, over 200,000 facebook shares, and was credited by award-winning investigative journalist Amber Lyons as “changing the media discourse.”

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