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SPLC co-founder launches fresh new attack on FRC despite terrorist attack

DC Terrorist who says he picked his target based on the caustic rhetoric of the SPLC.

SPLC co-founder Joseph Levin Jr. wrote a column today that attacks the Boy Scouts of America and calls on the United Way to stop contributing to scouts. He also reiterates the SPLC claim that the American Family Association and the Family Research Council are “hate groups.”

Levin claims that the FRC lies about homosexuality and pedophilia. In fact, Levin is the one who is lying. There are dozens, if not hundreds, of studies that show male homosexuals are far more likely to sexually abuse children than male heterosexuals. Click Here.

Recently a terrorist shot a guard at the FRC headquarters and planned to murder as many staffers as he could. The perpetrator told the court earlier this week that he chose to attack the FRC because of what he read on the SPLC website.

SPLC co-founder Joseph Levin Jr. at…

Fischer isn’t making an argument here that he simply views homosexuality as unbiblical. Linking the LGBT community to pedophilia is not an expression of a religious belief. It’s a lie – and a particularly ugly one that has been perpetuated by the American Family Association and the Family Research Council, groups that earned their anti-gay hate group designations from the SPLC before their most recent comments on the Boy Scout ban.

This ban is about more than Scouting. It’s about a major, well-respected American institution continuing to endorse the belief that LGBT people are second-class citizens. Many people will believe that if the Boy Scouts of America is excluding LGBT people, it must be OK.