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SPLC in hiding after DC terrorist says they inspired him

“No Exoneration” for people who use rhetoric that inspires violence declared SPLC Spokesman Mark Potok a few years ago.

“I think there is no exoneration for the people talk about, you know who make these, who… make these kinds of falsehoods on the air and the public squares all over this country. While the people who make those statements obviously do not intend directly for people to be harmed or murdered, I think it is entirely natural that some people out there who are disturbed, you know actually act on these things.  Obviously that is a tiny sliver of those who hear these kinds of statements but we’ve reached a point, as the sheriff suggests where the vitriol is so white hot out there that some people who are disturbed go out there and commit these kinds of acts.” – Mark Potok

Mark Potok has compared the FRC to the Ku Klux Klan on television. Based on Potok’s own previous statements, he should be held accountable for inspiring the DC terrorist. So far the SPLC is refusing to comment.


SPLC Spokeswoman Heidi Beirich is on tape blaming radio talk show host Alex Jones for the cop killings carried out by Richard Poplawski. Not only did Beirich blame the triple murder on rhetoric, but she was dead wrong. The cop killer had actually posted messages on the internet attacking Alex Jones. Beirich was completely careless and demonized a person that the cop killer did not even like.

Will Potok and Beirich practice what the preach and take responsibility for inspiring the DC Terrorist? I think not!