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UK to deport white South African children who’s mother died

Photo From UK Mail Online

Two white children were sent to live in the UK with their biological father after their mother died in South Africa. Now the UK is deporting the children and turning them over to South African social services.

The deportation could be a death sentence. According to a woman who works for South African social services, “one out of five white children are raped or killed.” The actual number is probably much higher.

International Genocide Watch says that whites in South Africa are at a level 4 risk of Genocide. The threat is based on a scale of 1-6, with 6 being the highest.

The UK has taken millions of non-white immigrants who are on welfare. However, they have targeted two white children from South Africa for deportation because their mother died.

The father has a British passport and a third child who was born in the UK.

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