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US backed Albanian Jihadists harvested organs from 300 Serbs

Remember when the US government was providing military support for illegal alien Jihadists in the Balkans? Some of whom were Al Qaeda members trained in Afghanistan. The true horrors that occurred are still coming out.

The United States government transformed Kosovo into a criminal Narco-Islamic state. Kosovo is now the center of the European drug trade.

The Islamic Jihad was backed by the full force of the US military. The bulk of the Islamic fighters were illegal aliens from Albania. Once the illegal aliens had outnumbered the native Christian inhabitants, they launched an armed takeover. Foreign fighters, particularly from Saudi Arabia, Chechnya, and Afghanistan also participated.

Imagine if illegal aliens from Mexico launched an armed takeover of the American southwest. Then the UN bombed DC, NYC, and other major cities until the US government ceded vast territory to the illegal aliens. This is exactly what the US government did in the Balkans.