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Black teens murder white baby for the fun of it

Antonio Santiago. Photo from UK Mail Online

17 year old suspected gunman

Update: Two suspects have been arrested. They are ages 17 and 14. Click here for the suspected shooters facebook profile.

Click here for exclusive column: It Takes A Village, to Raise a Baby Killer

Young black thugs shoot white baby in the face at point blank range

Brunswick, GA has been rocked by the unprovoked hate crime murder of a 13 month old baby. The baby was shot right in front of it’s mother by two black teenage thugs. The shooter is believed to be between the ages of 13 and 15. His accomplice was even younger. The mother was also shot in the leg.

Skin color made victims a target

Brunswick, GA is about 60% black. The area where the murder took place is overwhelmingly black. The 2010 census shows the area to be 13% white and 73% black.

The media absolutely refuses to call it a “hate crime.” CNN called it a “robbery attempt.” NBC National News made their leading online story about how a white male is a suspect in killing another white male. The suspect is called a “white supremacist” because he is an ex-con and belongs to a white prison gang. NBC even enlisted the notorious fraudsters at SPLC to comment on how white prison gangs are a major threat to public safety. Think NBC National News would report that the unprovoked execution style murder of a white baby in a black neighborhood is a “hate crime?”

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Facebook profile picture of De’Marquise Elkins. If Obama had a son would he look like this?