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Blacks in London take “mob and rob” to the next level

Photo from UK Mail Online

A lot of trends in black crime take off in England before they become common in the US. Videotaping hate crimes against white people to post online, was popular among black thugs in England before it became common in the USA. In England, the media called it “happy slapping” and tried their best to censor it.

In major cities across the USA, black thugs are mobbing stores and looting them. Many times a white person or two is beaten up along the way. However, black thugs in London have already taken this to a new level.

Police say a group of twelve teenage black thugs in London committed 45 mob and robs in a three month period. Police say they stole hundreds of thousands in high end gadgets. They only hit cell phone stores. That is one cell phone store every two days!

Most mob and robs in the USA involve the stealing of beer, junk food, cigarettes, and clothes. The participants are mainly stealing items for themselves. This London group was apparently stealing cell phones to resell.

Five of the perps were 18 at the time. They went to adult court, but were slapped on the wrist with comically light sentences. Each was sentenced to between eight and twelve months. Rest assure, they will spend their time thinking of more ways to commit crimes. Next time around they will probably kill someone during the commission of a crime.

Since England is a trendsetter in black crime, expect this activity to come to the USA.

From UK Mail Online…

A gang of a dozen youths ransacked 45 mobile phone shops, wrenching handsets and tablets worth hundreds of thousands of pounds from displays, a court has heard.

They ‘steamed’ into stores across London in a three-month spree last summer, Croydon Crown Court heard. Innocent members of the public were often caught up in the fracas, as the gang pushed them out of the way after rushing into the shop, crowding into customers, and violently wrenching the stock from displays complete with wires.

The 12 youths who are aged 17 and 18, targeted Carphone Warehouse, O2 and Vodafone stores across London, in a three month spree last summer.

The group, who were arrested following an intelligence led operation by the National Mobile Phone Crime Unit (NMPC), stole stock from 45 separate shops targeted between June and August last year.