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CBS National News credits this website!

This website is breaking through the media stranglehold.

CBS News just credited this website with getting out the Trayvon Martin “thug” photos. The article also highlights the power of twitter in breaking lame-stream media censorship and hoaxes.

From CBS News…

On March 24, Robert Zimmerman, Jr., tweeted an image of Martin holding up two middle fingers, beside an image of De’Marquise Kareem Elkins, the Ga. teen accused of fatally shooting a one-year-old in his stroller last week. Elkins also appears to be flipping off the camera.

Zimmerman, 32, told Crimesider that he found the photographs by doing a Google search on the name of each teen. The photo of Martin came from a post on the Council of Conservative Citizens website, and the one of Elkins appeared on a website called the Chicago News Report. He then created the illustration himself – adding the words, “A picture speaks a thousand words. Any questions?”

In the days and weeks after Martin’s death, as the story of his shooting and the fact that the man who killed him had not been arrested made national news, many news outlets illustrated their stories with photographs of Martin that were several years old. At the same time, Zimmerman said that the images of his brother – some of which were taken when George was significantly heavier than he was on the night of the shooting – made him look like a “monster.”

Zimmerman said that, side-by-side, those images created a false sense of both Martin and his brother: “In a self-defense case, it’s important to show who my brother was defending himself against. It wasn’t a 12-year-old.”

The tweet, however, struck many as being racist and highly insensitive, especially given the fact that Martin is deceased. Zimmerman said that was not his intention.

“I’m not saying these two guys are the same and so are all black teenagers,” he said. “This is the way these individuals chose to portray themselves. [Elkins] is being portrayed in the media as he portrayed himself to be, why isn’t Trayvon Martin?”