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Families of Christian and Newsom forced to sit through new trial

Christian and Newsom were killed in what may be the most horrific and gruesome hate crime murders in US history. They were both gang raped, both were sexually tortured, and both had their bodies mutilated. They were killed because they are white. First the media tried to censor the crime. Then the media complain that they couldn’t keep the crime a secret because “racists on the internet” made a big deal out of it. Then the media lied and claimed that numerous details of the crime were a “racist hoax.” The autopsy report confirmed everything.

The first trial was a financial bonanza for several Knoxville public defenders. The trial cost taxpayers $1.1 million dollars. Of that, $570,000 went to pay attorney fees.  Later it was found that the judge had been abusing prescription painkillers during the trial. The defense lawyers immediately went to work seeking a new trial. They claimed the judge was “incompetent.” They won the right to a new trial with no regard for the horror it would put the families through. A second trial will be a second windfall of cash for the public defenders.

Today the defense lawyers got the new judge to order the families to remove buttons honoring their brutally murdered relatives.

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Photo from UK Mail Online