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It Takes A Village, To Raise A Baby Killer

He’s “a good boy” say friends and relatives on facebook.

17 year old thug murders baby for the fun of it in Brunswick, GA
Mother and aunt of suspected baby killer arrested
Brunswick Commission Jailed in Connection with baby killing

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It Take A Village, To Raise A Baby Killer

by Kyle Rogers, March 29th, 2013

“It takes a village too raise a child” is a mantra that the left-wing likes to say. Obama has also said it takes “courage to be a father.”

Other people think that it takes a mother and a father to raise a child, and the male parent is supposed to be a “father.” They aren’t supposed to get a special award. They don’t expect nor want to to be called “courageous” by the president for doing something they are supposed to do. Comedian Adam Carolla compared the presidents statement to saying “anyone can eat at an IHOP, it takes courage to pay the bill.”

In the mind of the radical left, a successful child is the product of socialism and expensive government programs. However, what if the community is creating monsters?

Recently in Brunswick, GA, two black teenagers shot a white mother and then executed her baby with a point blank shot to the face. What happened next revealed a shocking community wide problem.

Brunswick, GA is a small city of 15,000 people. It is about 60% black. The shooting took place in a census track that is 73% black and 13% white. The fairskinned mother and her blond-haired blue-eyed baby would have stuck out. They were undoubtedly targeted because they are white.

The suspects in the shooting are 17 and 14. Seventeen year old De’Marquise Elkins is the suspected gunman. According to local media he is also suspected in another shooting, but details have not been released.

Here is where the village comes in. The mother, sister, and aunt of the suspected gunman have all been arrested and charged with felony obstruction. Police say they provided false statements and sent them on a wild goose chase. People don’t normally try to protect relatives from prosecution when the crime is this heinous. This shows a shocking disregard for the rest of the community.

The suspected gunman’s facebook page contains three years worth of photos of Elkins making gang symbols and posing like a thug. He claimed to be part of the local “Bloods” gang. In the prominent “about” line it read “ME IN MY NIGGA’S A TURN UR BLO5K IN TO MURDER SCENE.”

The suspected gunman’s profile was “friended” with numerous profiles of other Brunswick, GA residents. It also showed that he interacted with friends and relatives on facebook. All of these people would have seen his declared public statement about wanting to create a murder scene.

Yet, the story gets even worse. Now Brunswick city commissioner James Henry Brooks, Sr. has been arrested and charged charged with influencing a witness and obstruction of a law enforcement officer in connection with the baby killing. He is also faced with six counts of racketeering for allegedly misusing his office for financial gain. Brooks was also arrested in 2012 for bribery.

If a successful child is the product of a community, what do liberals think a violent gangbanger is the product off? A simple glance at Elkin’s facebook page would have tipped anyone off that he is probably a dangerous thug.

Not only were family and friends unfazed by his facebook page, they started a “Save De’Marquise Elkins” page to defend him. Facebook has since deleted the page, but dozens of the original members were listed as being residents of Brunswick, GA. Comments appeared claiming that Elkins was a great kid, and the mother must be lying about what happened.

Certainly there are great black parents. However, time and time again we see the same story. Violent monster arrested for horrible crime. Then parents, who obviously did nothing to prevent their child from becoming a monster, screaming “he is a good boy!” on the news.

We saw the same thing all over the “Save De’Marquise Elkins” facebook page. People who had access to Elkins violent facebook profile, full of gangbanger content, crying out virtually that he was “a good boy.”

Let’s take a look at this angel Trayvon Martin. He was suspended from school for ten days. His mother then ships him off to his father’s house, probably because she couldn’t handle him. His father ships him to his girlfriend’s house. His girlfriend didn’t even know where he was supposed to be when he was being carried away by the coroner. Yet we are supposed to believe that these were great parents.

The black community universally holds up Trayvon’s parents like they are heroes. Meanwhile they are busy copyrighting slogans and making money off of their son’s death.

The liberal media is not going to point fingers at the family and/or local community. They are going to rant about the need for more social programs and money for “outreach.” None of this is going to change a thing.

It is time to point fingers. It is time to name names and demand that people change their behavior. You can’t eliminate gangbangers with social programs if they have no father and their own mother and aunt are willing accomplices to their thuggery.