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Mandela health issues raising fears of genocide in South Africa

For much of the past two decades there have been reports that the death of Nelson Mandela will be the clarion call to mass murder all remaining white people in South Africa.

Mandela is now 94 years old and in the hospital. Reports vary as to why he is hospitalized. The US based New Black Panther Party just renewed their call for black South Africans to exterminate all remaining white people.

Last year, the president of South Africa led a giant ANC rally in singing a song about machine gunning all white people. Leaders of the ANC and uniformed members of the South African military danced gleeful as the president shouted “shoot the Boer” over and over.

White people in South Africa have one of the highest rates of homicide victimization in the world already.

New Black Panther Leader Khallid Abdul Muhammed calling for the mass murder of all white people in South Africa. This video is from 1996. The same year Al Sharpton co-sponsored a huge Black Power rally in Harlem with the New Black Panther Party. Sharpton and Muhammed were dual headlining speakers. Two years later, Sharpton was listed as a co-organizer for a follow up rally but did not actually speak. Sharpton has continued to publicly support the group ever since.

Khallid Muhammad’s Speech – Kill The White ManAwesome video clips here