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Members of Black Power cult squat in $3 million Memphis Mansion

Photo From UK Daily Mail

The “Moorish Nationalists” are a religious cult of black Americans. They believe that US law does not apply to black people.

From UK Daily Mail…

A family of extremist squatters occupying a $3million mansion in Memphis, Tennessee has been evicted by an armed SWAT team and the ringleader arrested while attempting to escape.

On Thursday night a judge signed a warrant for police to raid the house after a grandparent of one of the children inside asked them to intervene.

Within five minutes a SWAT team had arrived in an armored vehicle full of officers armed with assault rifles and they quickly gained entry by smashing through the gates.

The squatters, claiming to be ‘Moorish American Nationals’, had consisted of Gentry and her six children, ranging in age from 11 years to 14 months.

She was caught driving away from the scene at 11.30pm on Thursday in a white Jaguar, which also contained a 13-year-old child. She was promptly arrested and charged with burglary.

The decadent four-acre residence, complete with a home theater and swimming pool, was foreclosed in August 2011 and had been sitting empty for 18 months.