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Public forum on race relations in Philadelphia

The National Constitution Center is holding a public forum based around the recent headline article “Being White in Philly” in the Philadelphia magazine.

The article touched on the rampant racially motivated violent crime against white people. The article was attacked by MSNBC and other media outlets for daring to report black on white crime.

The forum is titled “Can we talk … about race”

The event is Monday, March 18th at 6:30 PM

In the wake of Philadelphia magazine’s controversial cover story “Being White in Philly,” the magazine joins the National Constitution Center—which serves as a forum for civil discussion and debate—to present a program about the story and how to foster productive, thoughtful conversations about race-related issues in Philadelphia.

Philadelphia magazine editor Tom McGrath will moderate a panel featuring:

Robert Huber, author of the cover story
Dr. Walter Palmer, director of the Palmer Institute and lecturer at the University of Pennsylvania’s urban studies program
The panel will be followed by a town hall discussion welcoming audience participation.