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Wisconsin DPI on the run after calling for “white privilege” wristbands.

Update on the Wisconsin DPI “white privilege” wristbands scandal.

by Kyle Rogers

In Wisconsin there is a government entity that overseas public schools. It is called the Department of Public Instruction [DPI]. This Soviet sounding entity is not part of the executive. A 1901 revision of the Wisconsin State Constitution made the DPI a quasi-fourth branch of government.

The powers and duties of the DPI are decided by the state legislature. It is run by the state superintendent who is elected in a state-wide election for four year terms. The current superintendent is Tony Evers. The entity has numerous projects. One of these is called the DPI*VISTA project. VISTA is part of AmeriCorps and funded by the US government. The DPI*VISTA project is connected to AmeriCorps, but also receives funding from Wisconsin taxpayers. This project conducts training classes and hosts a wide selection of incendiary anti-white materials on an official Wisconsin state government website.

DPI*VISTA Project manager Kristine Nadolski is personally promoting a flyer on the DPI website that calls for white students to wear “white privilege” wristbands as a reminder that they a “privileged.” A statement attributed to Nadolski calls the flyer “a document of how people can think about and challenge their privilege in their work on a daily basis.” Nadolski goes on to say “includes action steps.” This is a personal endorsement by the DPI*VISTA Project manager for white students to carry out the recommendations in the flyer.

The document promoted by Nadolski also states “find a person of color who is willing to hold you accountable for addressing privilege.” The document cites its creator as the “Beyond Diversity Resource Center” in Mount Laurel, NJ.

The DPI website also recommends reading several articles from extreme leftist Tim Wise. Last November Tim Wise publicly called for his supporters to engage in murderous violence against the Florida TEA Party. On November 5th, Tim Wise posted “F__k these ___holes. Exercise 2nd Am rights in their faces” online. Wise is even more famous for an online diatribe about wanting older conservative white people to die.

Kyle Olson of the Education Action Group [EAG] found the incendiary flyer while researching the Wisconsin DPI on an unrelated issue. His group feels the DPI is at war with voucher schools. Olson wrote a column about the “white privilege” wristbands for on March 12th.

I tried to call Kristine Nadolski over and over on the 13th, 14th, and 15th. She would not answer her phone or call me back. The DPI operator indicated on the 13th that she should be available. I urged my 800 facebook friends and 15,000 twitter followers to call as well. Several people told they did, but no one was able to talk to her. It is probably safe to assume that she is hiding from her phone.

The message however was received. Around 11:00 PM on March 15th, the offensive flyer was switched with a gaslight note. The definition of gaslighting is false information is presented with the intent of making a victim doubt his or her own memory, perception, and sanity.

The gaslight note stated that the offensive flyer was in fact used in taxpayer funded training classes conducted by DPI*VISTA. However, it then states that “misconceptions and misinformation about the document are being spread by an out-of-state entity.”

Even though the flyer is now all over the internet, the DPI gaslight note claims it doesn’t say what it says. An endorsed the flyer attributed to the DPI*VISTA project manager appeared online, the flyer was made available online, and the flyer was passed out at training classes. However the note reads “no DPI official, nor any VISTA volunteer has used, requested, or encouraged anyone in any school to use the wristband activity.” This is classic gaslighting.

The note is attributed to a Michael Dennison, who actually answered his phone. However he denied having anything to do with the content. He said Patrick Gasper, who is in charge of media relations, wrote the note. Gasper did not answer his phone.

Despite what is written in Gasper’s note, there is no way of knowing how many people have tried to turn the flyer into a reality. The DPI*VISTA websites indicated that the training classes are for people involved with public schools in Beloit, Janesville, Madison, Milwaukee, and Racine.

Conservative activist must keep the pressure on. The fact that they removed the flyer and are now lying about it, shows that we can fight back and win. However, just because the flyer is not online doesn’t mean it won’t be present at future DPI*VISTA training classes. It also doesn’t change the fact that DPI*VISTA is disseminating other incendiary materials that demonize all white people.

The anti-white rhetoric being pushed at taxpayer expense by DPI*VISTA is typical of the kind of dehumanization used by regimes that are about to commit genocide against a group of people. We must stand up to state-sponsored hate.

Resources (please be professional when contacting):

Wisconsin DPI
(800) 441-4563

Kristine Hadolski

Patrick Gasper

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