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2013 CofCC “Celt Fest” is April 27th

The sixth annual Celt Fest will be held again outside Knoxville in the scenic bays mountains on April 27th. An authentic Scotch-Irish cuisine will be served along with information on Scottish, Irish and Welsh genealogies. The main event of the highland games will include: caber toss, shot put, chest put, kettle toss, sledge sling and this year we are incorporating shield scrumming. The festival will kick off at noon and the games will start, rain or shine, at two o’clock.

Bring your competitive spirit and enjoy a day of Celtic history surrounded by tartans and woad culture. For more information call 8653854855 or email

Don’t have a kilt? Men are not required to wear a kilt, but many of us will be wearing them. They best thing to do is get one at the nearby Celtic Heritage Shop in Gaitlingburg, TN. They sell a mass produced poly-viscous kilt for $99. Click here for more info.