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Atlantic Wire calls BS on SPLC “white supremacist gangs” claim

The SPLC is now claiming that internet forums for whites to discuss racial issues, such as, shows widespread support for the white prison gang known as Aryan Brotherhood. This is a typical fake SPLC “investigation.” The reality is the exact opposite of what the SPLC claims.

The Atlantic Wire, is a major US based online news site. Two days after the SPLC published their outlandish article, the Atlantic Wire published an article debunking the fraudulent claim.

Atlantic Wire analyzed, the same website that was the main focus of the SPLC article. They report that if you look at posts from over ten years ago some people describe the Aryan Brotherhood as a necessary evil to ensure the safety of white people in prison. However, the Atlantic Wire now says that posts on the site about the gang show complete condemnation and disgust.

The FBI reports that the Aryan Brotherhood is not motivated by politics or race. The FBI says it’s main ally is the California based Mexican prison gang called the Mexican Mafia. Aryan Brotherhood members on the outside do mercenary work for larger crime syndicates, mainly Mexican and Asian.

White people are a dwindling faction of US gang membership. At least half of all US members of criminal gangs are Latino. Whites account for less than ten percentage and that is with Arabs, Persians, Albanians, Turks, and others being included in the “white” category. SPLC claims about “white supremacist  gangs is pure Hollywood fantasy. This is similar to the fake “neo-nazis in the military” claims previously made by the SPLC. When the SPLC was hyping that claim, a pundit on left-wing MSNBC described it as “hogwash.”

Click for Atlantic Wire article.