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Boers open embassy in Australia

The Boer are moving forward with their goal of creating an independent nation. Under the former Apartheid government, the Boer and numerous African tribal and linguistic groups were slated to get their own nations. Six new sovereign nations had already been created. The ANC invaded and re-annexed four of them after gaining power.


Earlier this month the first new embassy opened in Canberra, Australia in the Mawson area which is also home to the Embassy of Jordan and Macedonia. The newly appointed Ambassador for the newly formed Boer Republics, the Transvaal and Orange Free State, is his Excellency Mr. Herman Richard Coetzer. He is related to the last President of the Transvaal, Paul Kruger and coincidentally, also the late President Steyn of the Orange Free State.

Funding to establish the new embassy came from a secret Afrikaner Budget from various groups and Afrikaner philanthropists not affiliated to any political party.

Ambassador Coetzer said the embassy will be the Boer Republics first resident diplomatic representation in the Anzac region and will play an important role in strengthening our engagement with the Australians, New Zealanders and expat Afrikaners of Boer ancestry.