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Double hate crime stabbings in Venice, CA

If the races were reversed this would be a national news story.


The victims, two white males, stated to LAPD they were sitting in their vehicle when a male black came up to them, opened the door and just began stabbing them. Robbery was not listed as a motive.

Around 2 a.m. LAPD was called to 100 Venice Way for 2 victims who were stabbed by Venice Way & Pacific. One victim was stabbed in the heart and the other in the eye and stomach right by their vehicle. Paramedics immediately transported one victim and worked on the other at scene for a bit to stabilize him. Both were transported to UCLA Westwood. The victim stabbed to the chest is in critical condition. The suspect was a male black in either a black Ford Focus or a Grey Prius. No word on if the motive was robbery or a fight. Both victims listed as critical but stable and are expected to survive their injuries.