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Fourth black on white murder in Ohio in only six days

John Lehman. One of at least four white people murdered by blacks in Ohio in only a six day period.

Within the period of six days, at least four white people were murdered by blacks in the state of Ohio alone.

On April 2nd, a couple in their 50s were beaten to death with a sledgehammer near Akron, Ohio. On April 7th an 18 year old was stabbed to death in Coshocton and a 28 year old was shot to death in Akron.

John Lehman was working at a McDonalds in Akron. He was shot three times while taking out the trash. Police are looking for two black suspects.

These murders highlight the vast number of black on white murders in the USA. Racial hatred is a leading motive. These murders are heavily censored. The media hides this. Many media outlets admit to having a policy of censoring the race of the perpetrator in their coverage of black crime.

There may even be more black on white murders in Ohio during this time period that we don’t know about.