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Glenn Beck: I have over ten whistleblowers who allege Obama/Saudi coverup

According to the UK Daily Mail, this is the Saudi college student who was wounded in the blast.

Glenn Beck says he has proof of a major cover-up involving the Saudi Arabian college student injured in the Boston Marathon bombing.

The Saudi was initially identified as “a suspect” by the New York Post and others. Then Obama had an emergency, unplanned, and undocumented meeting with the Saudi diplomatic team. Then the media reported that the Saudi college student was not a suspect, but was being deported for unrelated “national security reasons.”

Now, the head of DHS claims that he is not being deported. She says that a different Saudi national in the Boston area is being deported for “national security reasons.” She claims that the reasons are unrelated to the bombing.

Beck says he will disclose his information on Monday if the Obama administration does not come clean first.