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Marxist protesters at Amren shock community with violent signs

Notice the communist flags, the sign advocating murder, the 1960’s Marxist SDS logo, and the Communist IWW “Wobblies” t-shirt.

The 2013 American Renaissance Conference went off flawlessly this past weekend near Dickson, TN. The turnout was as big as ever, and this conference probably had the youngest average age of any Amren conference ever.

Of particular note was some surprise pre-dinner entertainment. A Marxist student group from Austin Peay State University called for a “massive protest” to “shut down Amren.” After holding a “counter conference” down the road, about 15 protesters eventually marched up to the hotel as the staff was getting the conference room ready for our banquet.

This was the most motley crew of far-left extremists anyone had ever seen. According to law enforcement, who closely monitored the group, most were from out-of-state. Nearly half of them came from Minnesota in a van. Many of them had accents, that definitely were not Tennessean  One group drove from Missouri, and one group drove from Philadelphia. Apparently they believed that there really would be some kind of mass Marxist rally in the middle of a very conservative Tennessee county, and were duped into driving huge distances.

They had three large communist flags on flagpoles. One had a small Soviet Union stick flag. One or two had t-shirts with the 1960’s SDS logo on them. That is the group that founded the Weatherman Underground terrorist network. One guy had a sign advocating the mass murder of German people. One guy had a sign that advocated killing “fascists,” which they apparently define as anyone to the right of Barack Obama. Another guy had a sign praising the Soviet Union.

One guy was emaciated with track marks all over his arm. One of the female protesters appeared to have herpes sores all over her mouth. They screamed and yell at pedestrians and joggers who weren’t even part of the conference. As they marched up to the hotel they chanted “1, 2, 3, 4, proud to be a race traitor.”

This went on for about an hour until the banquet was served. When everyone stopped laughing at them and went inside to eat, they started screaming that they had “defeated American Renaissance.”

The next day, one of the protesters was seen down the street trying to hitchhike.