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Obama administration will not charge American al-Qaeda fighter

The Obama administration is not going to charge an American citizen who bragged about fighting with Al-Qaeda in Syria. Obama has sent hundreds of millions of US taxdollars to fund genocidal Sunni Jihadist groups in Syria. The main group, al-Nusra, is a formal al-Qaeda affiliate. Leaders of the group say that after Assad is dead, they will turn their weapons on Europe and the United State. Many of the members were also members of “al-Qaeda in Iraq,” and have fought with US soldiers. Over half of the other Jihadist groups have sworn loyalty to al-Nusra.

Al-Qaeda was created by the CIA and Pakistani intelligence. Al-Qaeda was a US ally in Afghanistan in the 80s, Kosovo in the 90s, during Obama’s war in Libya, and now in Syria. Meanwhile, “fighting al-Qaeda” is the main justification given for Obama’s military campaigns in Afghanistan, Yemen, Mali, and Somalia.

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