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Four foot, nine inch woman fights off attack from three Somali immigrants in Canada

From KamloopsDailyNews…

Rayella Parr, who stands four feet nine inches, is the Crown’s main witness in the trial of three men accused of invading Parr’s home.

Andrew Owusu, Fred Agbefe and Agazzy Haddish are all charged with unlawfully being in a home, use of an imitation firearm, unlawful confinement and assault.

Haddish is also charged with dangerous operation of a motor vehicle and flight from police from events the same day.

The three were characterized by Crown lawyer Neil Flanagan as “gun guy,” “Taser guy” and “zap-strap guy” for their alleged roles in the incident nearly three years ago at an up-and-down duplex in the Nicola Valley city.

The home had a small safe inside, where Parr told the court she put anything of value, including marijuana, to keep it out of the hands of one of her grown sons, who was a crack cocaine addict.

Parr testified Wednesday she was watching television and having a coffee on a Monday morning when she heard a knock on her front door.

After yelling from her couch for the visitor to come in, a black man about 40 years old walked in clad in overalls, hardhat and high-visibility safety vest.

“He said he was from B.C. Gas, there was a gas leak in the area and he would check my meter,” Parr told the 12-person jury.