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Black activists furious after scandal ridden community college gets new white chairman

Black Power activist Sadiki Kambon

Black Power activist Sadiki Kambon. Says only a black should be chairman.

Roxbury Community College is community college with 2,400 students in Boston. The students are majority black. They recently got a new president and a new chairman of the board. The new president is black and the new chairman is white. The chairman was appointed by the governor of Massachusetts.

The former president was Terrence Gomes, who was black. He agreed to resign after the school was audited by the U.S. Department of Education. The Department accused Gomes of  “questionable allocations in a review of financial aid records.” Gomes was also accused of under-reporting crimes committed on campus.

Many blacks are expressing outrage that a white man was picked to be chairman of the board, even though the school still has a black president.

Sadiki Kambon is a militant black power activist and head of  Friends of Roxbury Community College. He says he has no objection to chairman Gerald Chertavian, other than his skin color. Kambon says the chairman should be someone that “looks like us.”

Friends of Roxbury Community College said this in letter to the governor of Massachusetts…

It is insulting for Governor Patrick to appoint a white person to head up the body that is the primary decision maker for the college. He is sending a message that although we are a predominantly Black institution, it will take a white person to give you the vision and leadership to take the college to the ‘promised land’ of education. That is the ‘plantation’ type mentality.

Just imagine if the races were reversed. This would be one of the biggest news stories in the US. Media and politicians would be calling for marches. Since it is blacks saying they refuse to accept a white chairman, it is not reported.

Kambon writes for a website called Nubian Leadership Council. He calls Obama a “white man in black skin” and says the NCAA is a racist “apartheid” organization.